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Spaso-Preobrazhens’kyi Cathedral is one of the most ancient temples of Ukraine-Rus’.
It is situated in the historic area of Chernihiv, in the center of former Dytynets’ (Citadel). It was the main architectural dominant f the city. Thanks to high towers flanking the back façade it is still playing the role of an important dominant. Building of the cathedral started approximately in 1033-1034 by the order of first chronically-known Chernihiv prince Mstyslav Volodymyrovych. Chronicles first mention “the church of Holy Saviour” ... Read more »
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Dytynets’ (Citadel) or Kremlin was inner, mostly reinforced part of ancient cities of Kyiv Rus’.
The name was most probably originated from the old rus’ expression meaning “being situated in the middle of the city”. It was a political-administrative center, inner city where prince’s court, garrison were situated, where boyars (nobles) and clergymen lived. Therefore Dytynets’ (Citadel) was well fortified: earthwork rampart with wall, moats and so on. The rest of inhabitants: craftsmen, merchants and others lived in a so calle ... Read more »
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Pyatnytska Church in Chernihiv is a unique work of artists of the last period of Old-Russian architecture.
The church was built at the end of the 12th – at the beginning of the 13th century at Chernihiv trading quarter near the market square and named in honour of Saint Paraskeva-Pyatnytsya – the patroness of trade, farming, family.
The present look of the temple represents the reconstruction in its primary forms. In plan it is almost a square four pilaster cross domed building. The main peculiarity of the temple’s ar ... Read more »
Category: Historical monuments | Views: 922 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-05 | Comments (0)

The Anthony caves of the Trinity Elijan monastery in Chernihiv - is a monument of underground religious architecture of the 11th -19th centuries..
They were founded in 1069 as a Christian cave monastery by Prince Svaytoslav Yaroslavytch and by Antony Pechersky, a well known religious figure of Kievan Rus, a native of Lubetch and also the founder of Kiev’s Pecherskaya Lavra.
According to the chronicle, the monastery was originally named "Bogorodytsky" (the monastery of the Mother of God). The chronicle says that Anthon ... Read more »
Category: Historical monuments | Views: 3220 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-05 | Comments (0)

The architectural complex of Yeletskiy Uspenskiy monastery is located on high right bank of the Desna river, between old Chernihiv Dytynets (the territory of modern Rampart) and Troitsko-Illinskiy (St. Trinity-St. Elijah) monastery.
Together with the monuments of architecture, which were saved there, it forms the historic panorama of Chernihiv.
A widely known from many literary sources legend shows that the Uspenskiy monastery was founded as early as in the middle of the 11th century by prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavovych ... Read more »
Category: Historical monuments | Views: 1080 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-04 | Comments (0)

To the west of historical center of our city the slopes of Boldyn Hills rise.
They are the highest place in Chernihiv. Boldyn Hills is the right high bank of the Desna river, which originates to the after boulder-period, when basic banks were formed. The name of this area originates from the Old Russian word “bold”, which means oak. For Slav-pagans oak was considered a sainted tree, that is why there is an idea, that in those times here was the Saint oak ravine and pagan temple, but archaeologists hasn’t found it. A few oaks ... Read more »
Category: Historical monuments | Views: 1273 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-02 | Comments (0)

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