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Novgorod-Severskyy is one of the most ancient cities of Kievan Rus period. The first record of it we find in "Edification of Volodymyr Monomakh to his children" in connection with the des­cription of Polovtsian de­tachment defeat near this city in 1078.
But as archeo-logical finds indicate it was founded as a fortress at the border of Rus at the end of the Xth century.
After Lyubech Congress of Princes in 1097 Novgorod-Siverskyy became the centre of the principality, the history of which is connec ... Read more »
Category: Chernihiv region | Views: 1353 | Added by: Vorobey | Date: 2009-Jul-16 | Comments (0)

The Trostyanets dendrological park belongs to the most famous Ukrainian monuments of landscape art. Its creation is connected with the name of Ivan Mykhailovych Skoropadskyy (1804-1887), a descendant of Ivan Skoropadskyy, hetman of the Left-Bank Ukraine.
In 1830 in the farm-stead of Trostyanets Ivan Skoropadskyy began construction of the palace and the church, erected dams, as a result there were formed four ponds on the ten-hectare area: the Great Pond, the Kutsykha Pond, the Swan Pond and the Nameless ... Read more »
Category: Chernihiv region | Views: 2100 | Added by: Vorobey | Date: 2009-Jul-16 | Comments (1)

Kozelets district, which at all times attracts tourists by its unique architectural monuments, generous and rich for water and forests nature, is located in the south-western part of Chernihiv region. It borders on Chernihiv district in the north, on Nosivka and Bobrovytsya districts of Chernihiv region in the east, and on Kyiv region - in the south and the west.
The international highways Odesa - St. Petersburg and Kyiv - Moscow intersect the district.
The territory of Kozelets district has an e ... Read more »
Category: Chernihiv region | Views: 2128 | Added by: Vorobey | Date: 2009-Jul-16 | Comments (1)

The Kruty Heroes memorial complex has been created on the basis of the battle of the Ukrainian People's Republic's armed formations with the troops of the Bolshevik Russia on January 29, 1918 near the Borzna district railway station in the Chernihiv region.
The idea to eternalize the memory of the fallen near Kruty which is, in fact, one of the first armed conflicts of the independent Ukrainian state with the Bolshevik aggressors, appeared in the early 1990s. This was spearheaded by the People's Movemen ... Read more »
Category: Chernihiv region | Views: 1426 | Added by: Vorobey | Date: 2009-Jul-16 | Comments (0)

By comprehending the ingenious personality of Panteleymon Kulish (1819-1897), the author of well-known "Notes on Southern Rus", historical novel "Black Rada", one of the first translators of the Holy Scripture into Ukrainian, our souls seem to replay the complicated history of our nation.
The thing is that during the soviet era his art had been labelled as "bourgeois nationalistic" which put the idea of his museum out of the question.
That is why Panteleymon Kulish's historical and memorial preser ... Read more »
Category: Chernihiv region | Views: 2340 | Added by: Vorobey | Date: 2009-Jul-14 | Comments (0)

The first record of the Old Russian town of Lyubech we find in "The Tale of Bygone Years" dated back to 882, when on the way from Novgorod to Kyiv Prince Oleg the Prophetic captured it and set his governor there ("occupied Lyubets and set his man"). One more ancient record goes back to 907 - in the agreement of the same Prince Oleg with Byzantium together with the then most famous Old Russian towns as Kyiv, Chernihiv, Pereyaslav, Polotsk.
Already at that time this town on the Dnipro was an important stro ... Read more »
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