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In the center of Chernihiv on the border of former fortress rampart – ancient historical center, one of the most wonderful buildings of the city now known as Collegium is situated.
Once this building was included to the cathedral Borys and Hlib monastery - residence of Chernihiv archbishops. It consists of a long two-storey building of a monastery refectory and a bell-tower attached to it.

Chernihiv archbishop Lazar Baranovych who moved in Chernihiv in 1672 started to expand the cathedra. Maybe building of a refectory wa ... Read more »

Category: Historical monuments | Views: 1601 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-08 | Comments (0)

The majestic burial mound Chorna Mohyla is located near Yeletskyi monastery in Chernihiv. It is one of the biggest Old Russian barrows of the 10th century which has remained till now.
The legend tells that there lies prince Chornyi, who was the founder of the town and gave it his name.
The proportions of the barrow are impressive: the diameter is 40 m, circumference is 125 m, the present height is 11 m. In the past it was moated with the ditch 7 m wide. In 1872-1873 the mound was explored by famous native Chernihiv ar ... Read more »
Category: Historical monuments | Views: 2178 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-08 | Comments (0)

This monument to the past is located in the central part of historic town near the Dytynets and Kyiv-Chernihiv motorway. It is one of the leading architectural dominants of the city.
It was built in honor of heroism of Chernihiv regiment Cossacks showed up during the assault of turkey fortress Azov in 1696 under the commandment of Chernihiv colonel Yakiv Lyzohub. The church was sanctified in 1715 in honor of St. Сatherine, who had been respected in Ukraine for a long time.

St. Catherine church hasn’t had great changing. ... Read more »

Category: Historical monuments | Views: 1485 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-08 | Comments (0)

It was built in 1690s on the territory of Dytynets (Citadel) not far from the castle ditch.
Originally it belonged to Chernihiv colonel Yakiv Lyzohub, but after his death in 1698 – to hetman Ivan Mazepa. In the 18th century there was situated Regimental Chancellery of Chernihiv Cossack Regiment, and from the end of the 18th century till the beginning of the 20th it was the archive, nowadays the funds of Chernihiv historical museum by V.Tarnovs’kiy are located there.

The house is one-storey, six-compartment, the type of ‘ ... Read more »

Category: Historical monuments | Views: 2027 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-08 | Comments (0)

In the western part of the city on a high hill one of the most interesting and picturesque architectural complexes of Ukraine of late 17th-18th century – St. Trinity – St. Elijah monastery is situated.
It still attracts numerous tourists by its unforgettable beauty, and the pilgrims are attracted by the greatest shrines – holy relics of heaven patrons of Chernihiv land – saint Theodosius of Uhlych and saint monastic elder Lawrence.

The creation of this magnificent monastery complex is connected with ancient underground ... Read more »

Category: Historical monuments | Views: 1750 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-08 | Comments (0)

On the west of the Boldyn Hill above the boundless Desna high-water bed among Slavic burial mounds the huge ensemble of St. Trinity – St. Elijah monastery rises.
At the bottom of the hill there is a small St. Elijah church which is the oldest memorial of this monastery ensemble.First it was a place for christening. It was a small domical church which consisted of rectangular women part, nave and semicircular apse.
The smallish vestibule abutted upon the west side of the women part. Annals don’t recollect the time of c ... Read more »
Category: Historical monuments | Views: 1108 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-08 | Comments (0)

One of the most expressive architectural ensembles of Ukraine is Troitsko – Illinskyi (St. Trinity-St. Elijah) monastery of the ХІ – ХУІІІ centuries in Chernihiv.
It consists of two parts - former St. Elijah monastery of the ХІ – ХУІІ centuries and St. Trinity monastery; built on the highest plateau of Boldyn Hills during 1677 – 1780, incorporated a landscape and architecture in the unique ensemble.
The beginning, according to a chronicle, was fixed by a monk Anthony Pecherskyi in 1069.
The “dug up” by his foll ... Read more »
Category: Historical monuments | Views: 1925 | Added by: Maysheff | Date: 2009-Jul-07 | Comments (1)

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